Two exciting announcements.

We have stepped into December, and just a few weeks remain before we get ready to usher in the new year. With the pandemic raging around us, the current year has not been without its share of challenges, but we still  have managed keep working towards our goals, and hopefully, as we get ready to leave the difficult times behind soon, I have two exciting announcements to make.

First, we have released the second version of STATCRAFT, which comes with a number of additional features and functionalities, and second, we are in the final stages of rolling out an additional product, STATCRAFT-P, a GUI platform for running analytics in Python.

Just as STATCRAFT made running statistical techniques in R easier,  built around Python, STATCRAFT-P will make using machine learning algorithms in Python similarly easy. Like STATCRAFT, STATCRAFT-P allows to use Python algorithms through a  GUI, and just as STATCRAFT simultaneously provides you the R code, STATCRAFT-P similarly returns the Python code along with results. Please get in touch  with us  if you would like to know more about STATCRAFT-P  or explore it yourself.

Last, but not the least, I thank all of you for being with us with your support and understanding throughout the trying times of 2020. Let us all be safe and get ready to welcome a better and happier 2021.