STATCRAFT. A browser based rich GUI that helps Data Scientists harness the power of R without having to write a single line of code.With STATCRAFT you can easily bring in and organize your data, access some of the most popular data analysis techniques in R and view the results in elegantly formatted output tables. STATCRAFT makes it simple and easy to focus on analysis rather than programming.

R is an extremely popular and powerful analytics software that is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for Data Scientists around the world. However, R does pose a few challenges. First, in R any analysis requires coding, consuming time and effort. With STATCRAFT running an analysis is as simple as choosing the options from the menu. Second, the wide number of packages available in R can often require the user to comb through a large number of resources to identify the set of techniques that best suit the task at hand. STATCRAFT combines and groups all the related techniques together making it easy and quick to run end-to-end analyses. Last but not the least, STATCRAFT presents output from R as formatted tables that can straightaway be used in reports and publications.
STATCRAFT runs on the organization’s web server, allowing users to access R functions through their browsers. While the data stays se cure on the server, the users have the comfort of working from the familiar environment of their PCs and devices. The server based architecture eliminates the need for system administrators to manage multiple installations while making it easier to monitor usage and the organisations data resources from a single location. architecture
STATCRAFT 2.0 is a major improvement over the previous version, and brings to you a range of new and improved features and functionalities. These include,
• Better Collaboration - You can now also share, along with the data, outcomes and models with the rest of the users.
• Model management- You can now both save your predictive models, as well as apply them to new data sets for predictions.
• Output control - You can now control the number of digits to be displayed after the decimal point in your output tables, shortening very long numbers that tend to clutter the output.
• Data management - Manageyour data better before analysis. Detect and impute outliers.


STATCRAFT provides great accessibility for teamwork. Users who belong to same organization can share data, models and outcomes with each other, and use them as and when required for their analysis. It is of great help to users.
Model Scoring
Finding a relationship and building a predictive model is only the first step in analytics. To predict the future, the models must be applied to fresh data. STATCRAFT allows to save models and apply them to new data sets. What's more, you can also share the saved models with other users in the network.

Android App
Increase your productivity and reduce your investment in hardware with the STATCRAFT android app. Once you install and configure the STATCRAFT app on an android phone or tablet, connect it to the STATCRAFT server and log in with your user id and password, keep working on your analysis. With the STATCRAFT android app, you can make your team or student-batch quickly operational even when there is a shortage of or limited access to laptops and PCs.
Admin Panel
• Add, delete, activate and deactivate users. Also upload users in bulk through a CSV file.
• Set properties for the STATCRAFT application,
• Backup and restore the application
• Monitor user activity and space through detailed and summary Report.