R and Python have become the de-facto standards in data analytics. However, both R and Python are primarily programming languages, requiring coding skills to work with.

With STATCRAFT you can easily bring in and organize your data, access some of the most popular data analysis techniques in R and Python and view the results in elegantly formatted output tables.

Why people choose us

The concept of Data Analytics has been around for years. Most organizations now understand that if they capture the data that streams into their businesses, they can apply analytics and get significant value out of it.

Any analysis in R and Python requires coding and effort. With STATCRAFT running an analysis is a simple as choosing the options from the menu.

Zero Coding

The use of R and Python for data analysis requires Coding, Consuming time and effort. With STATCRAFT running an analysis is as simple as choosing the options from the menu.

Easy Access

STATCRAFT. A browser based rich GUI software can be accessed through LAN and WAN using IP or Domain Name provided.

Using Chrome browser STATCRAFT can be accessed from any GUI based OS like windows, MAC or Ubuntu.

Admin Panel

Manage users like Create Users, Delete Users, Activate / Deactivate Users. Backup and Restore of the application from the admin portal. Download the Usage Reports of the users.

Rich GUI & Reports

STATCRAFT’S browser based GUI helps you to harness the power of R without having to write a single line of code, letting you focus more on analytics rather than coding. In addition STATCRAFT’s powerful pre-processing tools let you access, manage and clean data with ease.