STATCRAFT is a web server based platform for performing statistical analysis with R, using a user friendly menu bases system.

STATCRAFT will be installed in the organizations internal server.

Once installed in the server, STATCRAFT can be accessed over the organizations internal network using popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Minimum 16GB of RAM is required for running STATCRAFT. This may go up depending upon the number of users and the size of data.

STATCRAFT currently supports a named user policy. i.e the number of users that can be created is equal to the number of licences procured.

The customer has all the control of creating, modifying and deleting users. This capability is available via STATCRAFT admin panel.

STATCRAFT supports a perpetual licensing policy.

No, STATCRAFT has been interfaced with large number of popular R techniques. For further details please refer to the features section of the STATCRAFT brochure.

Yes, wherever applicable, STATCRAFT provides the R code for the analysis performed.

First, statistical software that run on desktops increase the total cost of ownership (TCO), in terms of hardware, operating systems as well as maintenance and monitoring tasks. STATCRAFT, on the other hand once installed on the server, requires no additional hardware while reducing maintenance and monetary to the server on which STATCRAFT has been installed. Second, running statistical software on PCs may often require a dedicated lab for users to utilize them. STATCRAFT, however can be accessed from anywhere on the institutes network, including classrooms, meeting rooms and other convenient locations.